Thursday, June 14, 2007

ScreenCapture/Recording for the Mac

With regards to producing training for a wide audience, I have had some good experiences with using Macromedia (Adobe) Captivate for producing demonstrations of features of programs and providing tutorials that incorporate screen capture, sound, video, SCORM content, etc.

However, this software nor its main competitor, Camtasia is functional on the Mac. I did some research on potential products that ATS could use to produce this type of training.

Snapz Pro X - Snapz Pro X is a quantum leap in video capture technology, adroitly capturing full motion video of anything on your screen at a blistering pace, complete with digital audio, and an optional microphone voiceover. Think of it as a digital video camera for your screen. Snapz Pro X makes short work of making training videos, producing product demos, creating tutorials, archiving streaming video, and anything else you can think of.

iShowU - iShowU allows you to capture and record anything you can see on your screen, along with audio from a compatible source (like a microphone) as well as any audio from the Mac itself.

Screen Action Studio - Easily capture on-screen action or import video clips, images & sounds to create clear and powerful presentations. Engage viewers with customized text & video transition effects the pros use, and easily add voiceovers to personalize your results as you maintain total control over all audio mixing and editing steps. It integrates seamlessly with QuickTime and iMovie.

After reading some reviews of these three products, the conclusion from the "experts" is that iShowU is the most effective.

I am going to try some of these demos out.

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